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Rogue Pickings

HTML & CSS from Photoshop Design Comp

This is a project I created for food company ‘Rogue Pickings’, celebrating their love of fresh food and caribbean flavours. This site was designed to champion the food imagery. The client’s desire was to leave the audience drooling and wanting to sample the food. I think this format does just that.


Jubilee Austen

HTML 5 & CSS Webiste

This is a portfolio site put together to show off the web design work of a junior web developer. The simplistic one page style format allows the audience to easily navigate the client’s work and contact her.


Pancho's Pantry

HTML 5 & CSS Webiste

This is a landing page I created for a personal bakery business. Complete with logo and branding, this package was whipped up with the client’s desire to project a bright happy energy to her audience.

About Me

Well designed websites make my heart sing

As a self diagnosed web addict, I have seen more than enough painful to use websites. If only someone made this easier to use, I'd sigh exasperately time and time again. After taking Skillcrush's 'Break Into Tech' blueprint, I now realise that 'someone' is me!

As a graphic designer working in London I have the eye for what makes a good looking website, and as user I know what makes them good to use. I am eager to take these skills and put them to good use.

When I’m not writing code, I’m writing for my blog She’s Up and Away. When I’m not doing either of those, you can find me hoarding pens and card stock in a hobby craft near you.

Looking forward to working together!

Let me make you a website to deliver your message and delight your audience.

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