How To: Get Over a Cold


So the inevitable has happened: you're sick. Don't fret little snotty one, this guide is a sure fire way to have you feeling better in no time.

Disclaimer: Please consult pharmacist before taking any suggested medication, and note that individual results may vary.

Acknowledge the Cold

You may have heard, upon contracting an cold, that you should fight in and not give in. This is the absolute wrong thing to do and the reason why so many common colds linger.

The first step to getting over a cold is acknowledging that you have it. Acknowledge and respect it. Once you can look the illness straight in the nuclues, you are on the way to understanding it, and further being able to conquer it.

Decide on Languishing Spot

Where will you spend your recovery? This is the time to decide. Depending on the severity of the your cold, you may choose to do this in a communal space in the company of others. Alternatively, you may prefer recovering in isolation. Whatever environment you choose, comfort is key.

Recommended spots include; living room sofas, bedrooms, or kitchen table for easy access to fridge.

Gather Supplies

Once you have decided upon your spot, you will need to surround yourself with things to eat, drink and medicate with. The idea is that once you are settled in your languishing spot, you should only ever get up to visit the bathroom.

Supplies to gather:

This is an essential supplies list, but you can feel free to add more to this. Preparedness is key before beginning the next step. You don't want to keep getting up once you're settled unless absolutely necessary

Choose Entertainment

You've chosen your spot and gathered your supplies, now it's time for the big kahuna; picking your entertainment.
This step is the least perscriptive as it is essential that you choose something that's right for you.

Here are some considerations to consult before choosing:

With the above points considered, you've hopefully been able to pick the perfect entertainment to stimulate your senses, whilst your nose and throat try to suffocate you.

Alert the Troops

Your devices are your enemy and best friend during recovery.
Get well messages are wonderful recovery aids, but phonecalls whilst you're not fit to take them can lead to guilt and panic.

If you have any phone enagagements pending, be sure to message the relevant parties and alert them to your current health status. This should result in a few sweet messages to bring a smile to your face, and the peace of mind that comes from a notification free mobile.

Languish and Graze

You've done all the prep work, now it's time for you to (try to) relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Mute your phone, in the peace of mind that you've already fended off any incoming calls and messages, and languish my friend. Languish away.

Be sure to keep taking sips of water, and eating a few bites of your snacks at least once an hour.

This is the longest and most important part of recovery. Chances are you have a busy life to get back to once you're in good health. Enjoy and appreciate this time until it's time for your usually bed time.

Burrow Down

Now it's time to relocate to your bed for the night. Or re-adjust yourself in bed, if that was your original languishing spot.

Take the evening fix of your choosing medication (Night Nurse is an excellent choice for a restful night sleep).

From here, you can turn down the lights and snuggle into your pillar of solace. If all steps above have been followed well, you should awake the following day feeling much better than you started originally


If you find that there has been no improvement after the following steps, we advise to seek the support of a medical practioner. If signs of improve are felt, you may either repeat the steps as needed for another 24 hours, or return back to your daily lives with caution.